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First Generation

1. Daniel SULLIVAN died in possibly Caheraveelane, Glantane, Co. Cork.

It is almost certain that Daniel's family, from the townland of Caheraveelane (near the village of Nad or Nadd) in Co. Cork, is connected to my Caheraveelane Sullivans. My Sullivans left Caheraveelane around the mid-19th century, settling in Mourneabbey, Co. Cork, and a descendant of Daniel's, who still lives in Caheraveelane, recalls his father talking about Sullivan relatives in Mourneabbey. Furthermore, both Daniel's and my family were known as the "Caher O'Sullivans" (Caher being a shortened form of Caheraveelane)". However, I have been unable to determine the exact relationship between the two families, although I think it possible that Daniel may have been a brother of my great-great-grandfather Seamus Sullivan.

It is likely that Daniel was also related to a Thomas Sullivan who, according to the Tithe Applotment records of 1823, occupied 16 acres of land at that time in Caheraveelane. Could Thomas have been the father or a brother of Daniel's?      

Note on Caheraveelane (also spelled Caheravellane and often shortened to Caher): the townland comprises 234 acres of mostly mountainous land and, as evidenced by summaries from the 1841 to 1891 censuses of Ireland, it was very sparsely populated in those years. Details - from, the EPPI (Enhanced Parliamentary Papers on Ireland, 1801-1922) website - are as follows:

Year  Inhabited   Population
1841       2         15
1851       3         16
1861       2         15 (8 male, 7 female)
1871       2         10 (7 male, 3 female)              
1881       2         14 (10 male, 4 female)  
1891       3         23 (17 male, 6 female)

The increase in population between 1881 and 1891 can most likely be attributed to the births of several children in that decade within the families of Daniel's sons, Thomas and Daniel.   

No details from the above households are available as the census returns from these years no longer exist. The 1901 census shows three families in Caheraveelane, two Sullivan and one Murphy) and the 1911 census shows only two households in Caheraveelane (each with seven individuals listed), headed by Thomas and by Hannah, Daniel's widow. The Murphy family is not listed.

I have been told that Sonia O'Sullivan, the well-known Irish athlete, is a descendant of Daniel. I have read, however, that Sonia's O'Sullivan grandfather was born in Dublin. Any information on where her O'Sullivan great-grandfather was from would therefore be most welcome. Interestingly, several other descendants of this Sullivan family (known historically as the Caher Sullivans) have been talented sportspeople, e.g., Arthur Sullivan (born in 1884 in Caheraveelane), a fine distance runner who competed internationally; Jerry O'Sullivan (from a related Sullivan family) who enjoyed success in boxing in Britain prior to emigrating to Australia; and Jerry's brother Eugene (1927-1967), a distance runner who was selected to represent Australia at the 1956 Olympics (but who did not in fact compete in the Games).

Daniel married Johanna 'UNKNOWN'. Johanna was born about 1814.

It is believed that Johanna was widowed at a young age.

Griffith's Valuation, carried out in 1852 for the Glantane/Kilshannig area, shows that the only Sullivan occupier of land in Caheraveelane at the time was a Johanna Sullivan who rented 234 acres - which is the entire area of Caheraveelane - along with a "turbary" (bog or right to dig turf). It is possible that this Johanna is Johanna 'Unknown' above and that she was widowed by this time. The Tithe Applotment records for Kilshannig (1834) show the only entries for Caheraveelane to be for a Thomas Sullivan of Caherivallain (sic) who had 16 acres of land and 229 acres of mountain, which must be the same parcel of land later occupied by Johanna. Could Thomas have been Johanna's husband (although we believe her husband's name to have been Daniel) or her father-in-law?

Note: The Sullivans from Caheraveelane were known as the "Cahera" (pronounced "kawra") or "Caher" Sullivans, presumably to distinguish them from the other Sullivan families in the Glantane area.

They had the following children.

+ 2 M i Thomas SULLIVAN was born about 1834. He died on 13 Nov 1918.
+ 3 M ii Daniel SULLIVAN was born about 1842. He died on 27 Jul 1903.

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