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Second Generation

2. James (Seamus) SULLIVAN ('unknown' ) was born about 1812 in probably Caheraveelane, Glantane, Co. Cork. He died on 5 Nov 1882 in Glynn, Mourneabbey, Co. Cork.

I am told Seamus was born in the townland of Caheraveelane (also spelled Caheravellane and Caheravullane) in the civil parish of Kilshannig (equivalent to the Catholic parish of Glantane) in Co. Cork. Appartently Lyre church is much nearer to Caherveelane than Glantane church so it is possible Seamus and perhaps his children were baptised in Lyre rather than Glantane. It is also possible they were baptised in Donoughmore church.

At some point Seamus moved a few miles east to the townland of Glynn in the parish of Mourneabbey (also spelled Mourne Abbey), although it is not known exactly when. Griffith's Valuation, which was carried out in 1851 for Mourneabbey, does not show any record of land in Glynn being occupied at that time by a Seamus or James Sullivan, although it seems likely he had left Caheraveelane by then. Griffith's Valuation was carried out for the Glantane/Kilshannig area in 1852 and shows that the only Sullivan to occupy land in Caheraveelane was a Johanna Sullivan who rented 234 acres along with a "turbary" (bog or right to dig turf).

Seamus died aged 70 of paralysis and dropsy from which he had been suffering for two years. The informant on his death record was his son Daniel.

Seamus was related in some way to another Sullivan family  from Caheraveelane (see Connected Families page on this website). A descendant of a Daniel Sullivan of Caheraveelane (born about 1800), who still lives in Caheraveelane, recalls his father talking about Sullivan relatives in Mourneabbey. It is possible that Seamus was a son of this Daniel. Any assistance in establishing a definite link between the two families would be much appreciated.

Note: The Mallow Heritage Centre found baptism records for two James Sullivans in Donoughmore parish which seems to be the Catholic parish (as opposed to the civil parish) for Caheraveelane:

Date                      Parents                      Sponsors

31 May 1806        Timothy Sullivan        Daniel Shea
                             Joan Reagan               Elizabeth Reagan

17 January 1814   Thomas Sullivan         Daniel O'Keeffe  
                             Mary McCarthy          Mary Sexton

But there is nothing to suggest that either of these baptisms relate to our Séamus.

Caheraveelane comprises about 234 acres of mostly mountainy land. As evidenced by summaries from the 1841 to 1891 censuses of Ireland it was a very sparsely populated townland in those years. Details - from, the EPPI (Enhanced Parliamentary Papers on Ireland, 1801-1922) website - are as follows:

Year  Inhabited   Population
1841       2         15
1851       3         16
1861       2         15 (8 male, 7 female)
1871       2         10 (7 male, 3 female)              
1881       2         14 (10 male, 4 female)  
1891       3         23 (17 male, 6 female)

No details by household are available as the census returns from these years no longer exist. It seems likely that Seamus left Caheraveelane in the 1830s or 1840s, probably because there was no living to be made on its poor land. Other Sullivans, whose numbers contribute to the population figures given above and of whom I have some information, remained and these are probably related to our Sullivan family (see Connected Families page on this website) but I haven't yet been able to establish a definite link.

James married 'UNKNOWN'. 'UNKNOWN' died before 5 Nov 1882 in probably Glynn, Mourneabbey, Co. Cork.

It is possible Seamus's wife's name was Ellen because his son and daughter-in-law Dan and Mary named their second daughter Ellen. There was a tradition at the time of namning the first or second daughter after the maternal or paternal grandmother. Dan and Mary's second daughter was named Johanna, after her maternal grandmother, suggesting that their first daughter, i.e. Ellen, would have been named after her paternal grandmother. Of course it could have been the case that Seamus's wife's name was Johanna, i.e. sharing the smae name as Mary's mother.

They had the following children.

+ 4 M i Daniel (Dan) SULLIVAN was born about 1840. He died in between 2 Apr 1911 and 23 Mar 1936.
+ 5 F ii Mary (Big Mary) SULLIVAN died in probably after 2 Apr 1911.
+ 6 M iii James (Big Jim) SULLIVAN was born in Abt late 1840s. He died on 24 Dec 1903.
+ 7 F iv Hanora (Nora) SULLIVAN was born about 1848. She died on 6 Jun 1902.

3. Michael SULLIVAN (Caution: exact relationship to Séamus uncertain) ('unknown' ) was born in abt 1820s in probably Caheraveelane, Glantane, Co. Cork. He died in probably Co. Cork.

Michael was in some way related to Séamus; it is thought he may have been a brother. Michael was a railway official, according to the marriage record of his son, also named Michael. Although we know of the existence of only one child of Michael's (i.e., Michael), it is possible that Michael senior and his wife had more children.

Michael married 'UNKNOWN'. 'UNKNOWN' died.

They had the following children.

+ 8 M i Michael O'SULLIVAN was born about 1869. He died on 5 Sep 1935.

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