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Fourth Generation

24. Joseph Aloysius QUIGLEY (Margaret Mary BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 21 Aug 1874 in London Road, Islington, Liverpool. He died on 25 Oct 1947 in 296a Portobello Road, Kensington, London.

Joseph's marriage certificate tells us that he was a 'rubber tyre maker (journeyman)'. His residence at the time was 22 Grove Terrace, Leeds.

Joseph married Mary Veronica DALEY, daughter of James DALEY and Margaret 'UNKNOWN', on 21 Jul 1900 in Church of the Virgin Mary, Southwark, London. Mary was born about 1876 in Borough, London. She died on 19 Apr 1930 in Fulham, London.

Mary's residence at the time of her marriage was 46 Chatham St., Walworth, London.

They had the following children.

  54 F i
Mary QUIGLEY was born in 1901 in Leeds. She died.
  55 F ii
Margaret Agnes QUIGLEY was born in 1901 in Leeds. She died.
  56 M iii
Joseph QUIGLEY was born in 1902 in Leeds. He died.
  57 F iv
Kathleen Veronica QUIGLEY was born in 1906 in Leeds. She died on 30 Sep 1994 in U.S..
Kathleen married Ralph W. MCLEAN. Ralph was born in 1898. He died in 1969.

25. Thomas Francis QUIGLEY (Margaret Mary BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 21 Oct 1876 in West Derby, Lancashire. He died in 1954 in Hove, Sussex.

Thomas worked as an estate agent's clerk. According to the 1939 Register, Thomas and his wife, Louisa, and their daughter Brenda were living at the time at 12 Portland Road, Hove, Sussex.

Thomas married Louisa Florence BELL. Louisa was born on 16 Oct 1884 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. She died on 15 Dec 1958 in Sussex.

They had the following children.

  58 F i
Kathleen Louise QUIGLEY was born in 1908 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. She died in 1988 in Hove, Sussex.
Kathleen married Richard Lewis TRIPP. Richard was born in 1903. He died in 1992 in Brighton, Sussex.
  59 F ii
Brenda Ruth QUIGLEY was born on 4 Jun 1910 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. She died in 1986 in Brighton, Sussex.

Brenda was an elementary school teacher.
Brenda married Albert Edward SAUNDERS in 1940 in Hove, Sussex. Albert died.
  60 F iii Living.
        Living married Living.

26. George Stanislaus QUIGLEY (Margaret Mary BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 8 Mar 1878 in Liverpool. He died on 9 Nov 1945 in New York City Farm Colony Hospital, Staten Island, New York.

George married Catherine MCCARTHY, daughter of David MCCARTHY and Johanna 'UNKNOWN'. Catherine was born on 6 Nov 1888 in Nadd, Lyre, Co. Cork. She died on 20 Jun 1947 in 35-20 94th St., Queens, New York. She was buried on 24 Jun 1947 in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York.

They had the following children.

  61 F i
Johanna K. QUIGLEY was born on 30 Sep 1909 in New York. She died on 2 May 1996 in Broward, Florida.
Johanna married 'unknown' MONAGHAN. 'unknown' died.

28. Margaret Mary QUIGLEY (Margaret Mary BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born about 1881 in Kent.

Margaret married Bernard Augustine CRUMPTON about 1901. Bernard was born in 1874 in Lambeth, London.

Bernard was working as a manager of a tyresmith and rubber tyre fitting company in Cardiff at the time of the 1911 census.

They had the following children.

  62 F i
Ellen Margaret CRUMPTON was born about 1902 in Edinburgh. She died.
  63 F ii
Margaret Mary CRUMPTON was born about 1906 in Edinburgh. She died.
  64 F iii
Lucy Bernardine CRUMPTON was born in 1913 in Cardiff. She died.
+ 65 F iv Theresa CRUMPTON was born in 1921. She died in 1971.

29. Etheldreda (Ethel) Matilda BOOKER (Agnes Mary BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 13 Mar 1882 in 6 Euston Square, St. Pancras, London. She died on 5 Jun 1928 in Exeter, Devon. She was buried in St. Werburgh’s Churchard, Wembury, Devon.

It appears Etheldreda (known as Ethel) may have been named after St. Etheldreda as her father completed a commission for St. Etheldreda's Church, Ely Place, London about a year after her birth. It is possible he may have been working on the two paintings, each on a wooden screen on either side of the chancel, around the time she was born.

An only child, Ethel lost her mother when she was only about six years of age. At the age of 19 she is listed in the 1901 census as a visitor at the home of Sarah Saunders, a 64-year-old widow living at 29 Montague Road, Richmond, Surrey. Ethel is described as a student. By the time of the 1911 census Ethel was married with a family and living in Devon. Her address at the time of her death was The Yews, Pennsylvania, Exeter.

Ethel's husband was Robert Stansell from Somerset. It is probable that they met though Ethel's father's connection with the Stansell family who were involved in the building and church decoration business. Alexander Booker, Ethel's father, worked with the Stansells in the mid-1880s on stained glass windows in Stoke St. Gregory Church in Somerset. According to the Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser edition of 6 January 1886, "The window has been supplied by Messrs Stansell and Son, of Taunton... the design being the combined works of Mr. Alexander Booker, of Euston-square, London, and Messrs Stansell. The cast window of this church was designed by Mr. Stansell, about 40 years ago". Alexander and the Stansells may have worked on other projects together but so far I have no documented evidence of this.

Etheldreda married Robert Alfred STANSELL, son of William Alfred STANSELL and Annie Rebecca BARTLETT, on 3 Apr 1906 in St. Paul's Catholic Church, Maison Dieu Road, Dover. Robert was born on 29 Apr 1879 in Taunton, Somerset. He died in 1968 in Exeter, Devon.

Robert, who came from a family of builders, was a gas engineer. He lived in Wembury, Devon.

Marriage Notes:

The marriage certificate of Robert and Ethel tells us that at the time of the marriage both were resident at the Esplanade Hotel, Dover, with Robert having formerly lived on Wellington Road, Taunton, Somerset. Robert was a builder and contractor (although he later became a gas engineer), as was his father, William. The marriage was witnessed by Alexander and Theresa Booker (Ethel's parents) and by Samuel Beaufoy. Ethel's middle name is given as Mary rather than Matilda on the certificate.

Dover seems an unlikely location for a wedding taking place in the early years of the 19th century between a man from Somerset and a woman from London. A possible explanation for choosing Dover might be the fact that Ethel's father and stepmother were living in Belgium at the time and the Dover location would have made travelling to the wedding easier for them.    

Etheldreda and Robert had the following children.

  66 M i
Robert STANSELL was born on 28 Feb 1907 in Taunton, Somerset. He died.

Robert was a master builder. In 1939 he and his wife, Marjorie, were living at The Shop, Heybrook, Heybrook Bay, Plympton, Devon (according to the 1939 Register).
Robert married Marjorie P. BRADFORD in 1938 in Coventry. Marjorie was born on 20 Apr 1911. She died.

Marjorie was a shopkeeper.
  67 M ii
Jack STANSELL was born on 30 Apr 1909 in Exeter, Devon. He died.

According to the 1939 Register Jack was a flying instructor.
  68 M iii
Alexander E. STANSELL was born in 1911 in Exeter, Devon. He died.
  69 M iv
Richard W. STANSELL was born on 10 Jan 1914 in Exeter, Devon. He died in 2003 in Exeter, Devon.

Richard was a master builder. He and his wife, Eleanor, lived in Wembury, Plympton, Devon.
Richard married Eleanor G. SCOTT in 1938 in Plympton, Devon. Eleanor was born on 30 Jun 1907. She died.
  70 F v
Mary E. STANSELL was born in 1915 in Exeter, Devon. She died.
  71 M vi Living.

30. William BUCKLEY/BROWN (George Charles BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 8 Dec 1886 in Kinnethmont, Aberdeenshire. He died in 1969.

In the 1891 census William is listed as William Buckley in the household of his aunt Jane Beattie, who was Isabella's sister, whereas his name in the 1901 census is given as William Brown. Throughout his life he was known as 'Buckley Broon'.

William married Margaret (Maggie) L. BEVERLEY, daughter of John BEVERLEY and Isabella GOULD, on 26 Jun 1909 in The Station Hotel, Premnay, Aberdeen. Margaret died.

William and Maggie had 11 children. However, we have no information as to their names.

Marriage Notes:

According to their marriage certificate, William's occupation was a farm servant and Maggie was a domestic servant. Witnesses to the marriage were James Morries and Isabella Beverley.

William and Margaret had the following children.

  72 i
'unknown' BUCKLEY/BROWN died.
  73 ii
'unknown' BUCKLEY/BROWN died.
  74 iii
'unknown' BUCKLEY/BROWN died.
  75 iv
'unknown' BUCKLEY/BROWN died.
  76 v
'unknown' BUCKLEY/BROWN died.
  77 vi Living.
  78 vii Living.
  79 viii Living.
  80 ix Living.
  81 x Living.
  82 xi Living.

32. Mabel Georgina BUCKLEY (George Charles BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born in 1900 in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. She died in 1983 in Grantown on Spey registration district.

Mabel married Alexander Stephen LIPP in 1926 in Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

They had the following children.

  83 F i
Mabel Alexandra LIPP was born about 1928. She died in 2000 in Glenrothes registration district.

34. George Charles BUCKLEY (George Charles BUCKLEY , Elizabeth (Eliza) Mary BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 31 Jul 1904 in Huntly, Aberdeenshire. He died on 4 Dec 1976 in Middle Brae, Aberdeen.

At the time of his marriage in 1931 George was working as a farm servant and living at 12 Dailuaine Terrace in Carron.

George married Margaret (Maggie) Bella MORRISON, daughter of Joseph MORRISON and Elizabeth REID, on 3 Oct 1931 in Mortlach, Moray. The marriage ended in divorce. Margaret was born in 1910 in Grange, Banffshire. She died about 1989 in Dufftown, Banffshire.

At the time of her marriage Maggie was working as a domestic servant and living in Castle Cottage in Mortlach, Moray.

Marriage Notes:

George came from a Catholic family but his marriage was a Church of Scotland ceremony.

George and Margaret had the following children.

+ 84 F i Jessie (Nettie) BUCKLEY was born in 1933. She died on 28 Feb 2018.

George also married Isabella Mary MACKIE on 16 Jun 1945 in The Manse, Echt, Aberdeenshire. Isabella was born about 1908 in Aberdeenshire. She died about 1987 in Elgin, Moray.

They had the following children.

+ 85 F ii Living.
  86 F iii Living.
  87 F iv Living.
  88 F v Living.

38. Robert (Bob) Edward HUSSEY (Mary Theresa BUTLER , George Patrick BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 3 Jan 1893 in Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington, London. He died on 8 Oct 1947 in London.

Bob worked in the leather goods business. He spent his entire career, from the age of 13, with Connolly Leather, which was owned by the family of his future wife, Vera Connolly. Apparently Bob got the Connolly job thanks to the influence of a granduncle, John Lynch, and John's wife, Maria (née Connolly) who was an aunt of Vera's.

Bob enlisted in the H.A.C. (Honorable Artillery Company) in November 1916 and, following a number of months training in England, his unit was sent to France in April 1917 and then on to Ypres, Belgium. He was invalided out of the army on 13 February 1918, suffering from shell shock. He had attained the rank of Corporal.

Ursula Staszynski has put together a tribute to her Hussey and Bishop relatives (including Bob) who served in World War I. It contains biographical information, stories and photographs and can be viewed at

Bob, Vera and their family lived at 4 Heath Mansions, Putney in the 1920s and at 17 Westleigh Avenue, Putney for most of the 1930s. By 1939 they were living at Oak Lodge, Beaumont Road, Putney.

Bob died suddenly and unexpectedly, possibly of a heart attack. He was only 54 years of age.

Robert married Veronica (Vera) A. CONNOLLY, daughter of Samuel Frederick CONNOLLY and Josephine SIMONA, in 1921 in Kingston upon Thames, England. Veronica was born on 14 Jan 1894 in Islington, London. She died on 29 Jul 1976 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Vera's grandfather on her mother's side was Swiss, while her Connolly great-grandfather was from Castlehyde, Co. Cork, emigrating to England in the late 18th century. Vera's father was in the leather processing business, founding Connolly Leather, the Wimbledon-based company that eventually specialised in the manufacture of seating for luxury cars. Among the contracts awarded to the company was the provision of leather for the furnishings aboard the Queen Mary ocean liner, launched in 1936, for which Vera and her husband, Bob, received a free return voyage to New York.

Vera's aunt Maria Connolly was married to Bob's granduncle John Lynch.

They had the following children.

  89 F i
Philippa Mary Josephine HUSSEY was born in 1922 in Putney Heath, London. She died on 9 Apr 2020 in Wimbledon, London.

Philippa was named after her father's first cousin Philip Hussey who died in World War I. She served in the Wrens (Women of the Royal Naval Service) in the UK and in Ostende, Belgium during World War II. Her job involved plotting by radar the movement of British convoys from the time they left harbour. Any unexpected movement picked up by their radar was an indication of a possible German attack.

After the war Philippa worked as secretary to skier, mountaineer and author Arnold Lunn (1888–1974) who was knighted for services to British skiing and Anglo-Swiss relations in 1952.

Philippa lived for many years with her sister Elisabeth in Vane House, Warren Rise, New Malden.
+ 90 F ii Ruth Veronica M. HUSSEY was born in 1925. She died on 25 Mar 2018.
  91 F iii
Elisabeth A. M. HUSSEY was born in 1929 in Putney Heath, London. She died on 2 Dec 2017 in Wimbledon, London.

Elisabeth was an expert skier and was for many years Secretary of the Ski Club of Great Britain, a job which took her all over the world: Europe, North and South America, Japan, Australia and Russia. She first came to the Ski Club in 1964 as assistant editor to Arnold Lunn on The British Ski Year Book. Mr Lunn was already known to the Elisabeth as her sister Philippa had been his secretary some years earlier. The The British Ski Year Book later became Ski Survey before being launched as Ski+board magazine in 1997. Ski+board is still in publication today. Elisabeth co-wrote with Bruce Battrick the "Biography of Sir Arnold Lunn" (published 2015), detailing Sir Arnold's organisation of the first downhill and slalom races, his founding of the Kandahar Ski Club and his campaign to have Alpine skiing included in the 1936 Olympics.

Elisabeth and Philippa lived in Vane House, Warren Rise, New Malden for many years until about 2015.

+ 92 M iv Living.

42. Michael Robert HUSSEY (Jane Frances BUTLER , George Patrick BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 6 Jun 1892 in 38 Westcroft Square, Hammersmith, London. He died on 7 Mar 1980 in Roehampton, London. He was buried on 14 Mar 1980 in East Sheen Cemetery, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey.

Michael was a civil servant. In the 1911 census his occupation is given as 'Boy Clerk P.P. Savings Bank'. In 1914 Michael signed up for the Territorial Force. However, for health reasons (hernia, aggravated by training) he served in the Labour Corps as a lance corporal during the war, working as a clerk in the GPO. He was still at the GPO at the time of the 1939 Register, working as a "staff officer".

Ursula Staszynski, a granddaughter of Michael and his wife, Mildred Bishop, has very kindly provided most of the information below on their family. Ursula has put her 'Staszynski Family Tree' on the Ancestry website, where you will find the family history, not only of the Husseys, but also of the Bishop family from Birmingham, the Garcia family (of Spanish origin) from Port of Spain, Trinidad, the Durity family (of French origin) from Trinidad, the Jones family from the Criccieth area of Wales, the Owen family from north Wales and the Evans family from Llanfair Caereinion, Powys, also in Wales.

Michael died at Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton following a heart attack.

Michael married Mildred BISHOP, daughter of Clement BISHOP and Emily Maud GARCIA, on 18 Jan 1919 in Church of Our Lady of Grace, High Road, Chiswick, London. Mildred was born on 28 Jun 1892 in Newtown, Port of Spain, Trinidad. She died on 15 May 1980 in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. She was buried on 21 May 1980 in East Sheen Cemetery, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey.

Mildred was born in Trinidad where her mother was born and where her English-born father was working as a teacher. The family moved to England when Mildred was a child and she and her siblings grew up in Hammersmith in London.

After their marriage Michael and Mildred lived in Kensington and later for many years at 37 Dewhurst Road, Brook Green, Hammersmith, just next door to Michael's parents. Michael and Mildred subsequently moved to Cowley Road in Mortlake, Surrey.

Mildred died just two months after Michael. They had celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just over a year earlier.

Ursula Staszynski, a granddaughter of Mildred's, has created a tribute to her relatives who served in World War I. This includes biographical information, stories and photographs of members of Mildred's family and can be viewed at

Mildred died in Kings Ride Nursing Home in Richmond.

They had the following children.

+ 93 F i Monica Mary HUSSEY was born in 1921. She died in 1993.
+ 94 F ii Ursula Mary HUSSEY was born on 19 Feb 1923. She died on 18 Dec 2000.
+ 95 F iii Margaret Mary HUSSEY was born in 1925. She died on 13 May 2015.
  96 M iv
Peter Joseph HUSSEY was born in 1927 in Hammersmith, London. He died in 2009.

Peter, who never married, was a banker with Coutts and lived in Twickenham in London.

44. Stephen HUSSEY (Jane Frances BUTLER , George Patrick BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 25 Jul 1895 in Hammersmith, London. He died on 7 Sep 1978 in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. He was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

Stephen grew up in Hammersmith, Kensington and Chelsea. Money was short, and he had to leave school at the age of 11 or 12 to help financially in the upbringing of his younger brothers and sisters. He is listed, aged 15, in the 1911 census as a builder's clerk.

In 1914, at the beginning of World War I, Stephen joined the Royal Engineers Regiment of the British Army - the 'sappers', as they were known - and was sent to France. Sappers endured the most atrocious conditions and were always the last to leave an area when a retreat was taking place, blowing up roads and bridges behind them so as to slow up pursuit by enemy forces. During one such British evacuation, Stephen carried a wounded man to safety on his back, under gunfire, and was awarded the Military Medal.

After the war, Stephen was trained as a builder by his grandfather, Thomas Hussey, and his uncle, Will Hussey. Stephen later formed a partnership with a Mr. Worman (Worman and Hussey), eventually setting up his own building company, Hussey Bros. (Builders) Ltd., on Queensway, Bayswater, London, with his brothers, Martin and Austin. The company was mostly involved in the building of churches, schools and convents, and for many years, Hussey Bros. had a maintenance contract with Westminster Cathedral. During World War II, once the German air assault on London started, the brothers worked mostly under official government contract on emergency repair and safety building work. After the war, the company built several modern churches.

In 1947, Stephen and his wife, Mary, decided that their daughters would be better off living in Ireland, and so the girls moved to Dublin, the plan being that Stephen and Mary would initially remain in London and eventually retire to Dublin. Stephen and Mary sold their home in Barnes, moved into a flat over the premises of Hussey Bros. in Bayswater, and  purchased a house on Roebuck Road in Clonskeagh for their daughters. However, on an extended visit to the girls in Dublin Mary became ill and died without ever returning to London.

After Mary's death, Stephen visited Dublin more and more frequently. In 1957, with Maureen married, and Una and Brigie engaged to be married, he decided to sell the house on Roebuck Road, and a smaller house on Cedarmount Road in Mount Merrion was purchased. In the 1960s Stephen retired to Dublin, and for the remainder of his life he lived with Sheila at 14 Cedarmount Road.

Stephen died of myocardial ischaemia with atherosclerosis, along with carcinoma of the stomach, at St. Michael's Hospital, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

Stephen married Mary Brigid RYAN, daughter of Malachy RYAN and Mary MURPHY, on 28 Aug 1922 in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. Mary was born on 24 Mar 1898 in Garryhill, Co. Carlow. She was christened on 27 Mar 1898 in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. She died on 18 Nov 1950 in 'Ui Breasail', Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin. She was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

Sponsors at Mary's christening were Gerald Kearney and Clare O'Reilly.

Mary was educated at the Loreto Secondary School on Dublin's St. Stephen's Green. After leaving school, Mary went to England and joined the Post Office Section of the British Civil Service in the Brook Green/Kensington area of London.

Mary and her London-born future husband, Stephen Hussey, met at a local dance in west London. In comparision to his six-foot frame, five-foot-tall Mary was tiny. In 1921, about a year before their marriage, Stephen visited Ireland for the first time when Mary brought him to meet her family in Co. Carlow. After they married, Mary and Stephen lived in East Acton, and later at 12 Ullswater Road (which Stephen designed and built) in Barnes in London.

Around 1948, after her eldest three daughters had moved to Ireland, Mary brought Brigie, the youngest, to Dublin to join her sisters. Mary's plan was to help her daughters settle in to the new home she and Stephen and just bought for them in Clonskeagh (named 'Ui Breasail' by Mary after the mythological island of Celtic folklore) after which she would return to London. However, while in Ireland she began to feel unwell and it was discovered she had cancer. Sadly, she never made it back to London, and died in Dublin in November 1950 aged only 52.

The cause of Mary's death was "carcinoma of colon (18 months)" and "metastasis of ovaries" (nine months)"

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses to the marriage were Seamus Galvin (a first cousin of Stephen's), Anne M. Hussey (probably Stephen's sister Nan) and William Hussey (probably Stephen's uncle William).

Stephen and Mary had the following children.

+ 97 F i Maureen HUSSEY was born on 5 Jul 1924. She died on 19 Mar 1995.
  98 F ii
Sheila HUSSEY was born on 2 Jan 1927 in East Acton, London. She died on 27 Jun 2003 in Mount Merrion, Dublin. She was buried on 30 Jun 2003 in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

Sheila grew up in Barnes in London where she was educated at a small French convent about a mile from her home. Barnes was heavily bombed during World War II and Sheila and her family spent much time in the air-raid shelter built by her father under the garage of their home.

Sheila had an interesting encounter during World War II: one afternoon, having returned from school, Sheila was sent by her mother to run some errands in Hammersmith. She was waiting at a bus stop in Barnes and, as usual, there were many army vehicles passing by. One of them, a large U.S. Army car with flags, stopped and a large, middle-aged officer sitting in the back of the vehicle and sporting an impressive array of medals, offered Sheila a lift. Although she may have been told by her parents never to accept a lift from a stranger, Sheila hopped in beside the driver and on the short trip to Hammersmith Broadway she and the army man in the back chatted about school and her favourite subjects before being dropped off in Hammersmith. It was only the next day, when she looked at the front page of the newspaper and saw a photograph of the same officer who had offered her the lift, that Sheila realised she had met Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

After leaving school, Sheila started work in the Irish Passport Office at the Irish Embassy in London. Some time later, Sheila acted, unknowingly, as a matchmaker for two of her sisters: a group of young Irish civil servants had been sent from Dublin to augment the staff at the Irish Passport Office, and among them were Cormac Gordon and Michael Roantree. Sheila's mother, remembering how lonely she had felt when she had first arrived in London from Ireland, told Sheila to invite the newcomers to tea the following Sunday. And that was how Sheila's sister Maureen met her future husband, Cormac. Another sister, Una, would later marry Michael's brother Tom. Sheila herself never married.

After Sheila moved to Dublin in 1947 with her sisters, she worked briefly in advertising and then moved on to publishing and some freelance journalism. She then spent a number of years in the now-defunct Irish News Agency, after which she joined Coras Trachtála (the Irish Export Board) and worked for many years in public relations and press work. She lived on Cedarmount Road, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin and in her retirement became an active member of the Green party.
+ 99 F iii Una HUSSEY was born on 1 Oct 1928. She died on 29 Sep 1995.
+ 100 F iv Living.

48. Augustine (Austin) Thomas HUSSEY (Jane Frances BUTLER , George Patrick BUTLER , Margaret Lucy ) was born on 24 Apr 1907 in Hammersmith, London. He died on 16 Nov 1992 in Ealing, London. He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London (grave no. 3282).

Austin worked in the family building company, Hussey Bros. (Builders) Ltd. which was based in Bayswater, London. He is described in the 1939 Register as "Director and Secretary Building Company". Commissioned in the Welsh Guards during World War II, he served in the Italian campaign and was near Monte Cassino at the time of its destruction. On his return from the war he rejoined his brothers Stephen and Martin in the building business which involved itself primarily in the construction of Catholic churches, schools and convents.

Austin lived at 1 Mount Pleasant Road, Ealing for many years before moving to nearby Welsby Court, Eaton Rise. He was a keen oarsman and active member of Quintin Boat Club in Chiswick, London.

Augustine married Jessica (Jessie) Mary MACKENZIE, daughter of Fraser MACKENZIE, in 1936 in Kensington, London. Jessica was born about 1907. She died on 17 Jul 1958 in Ealing, London. She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London (grave no. 3282).

They had the following children.

  101 F i
Mary J. B. HUSSEY was born on 25 Jan 1937 in Ealing, London. She died on 25 Jan 1937 in Ealing, London.

Mary, who was Philip's twin, died at birth.
  102 M ii
Philip John Benedict HUSSEY was born on 25 Jan 1937 in Ealing, London. He died in 1971 in London. He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London (grave no. 3282).

Philip, who was named after his uncle Philip Hussey who died in World War I, was Mary's twin. Sadly, Philip was quite disabled and died at the age of 33.

Augustine also married Theresa Muriel Wilson WHEATON, daughter of 'unknown' WHEATON, in 1978 in Ealing, London. Theresa was born on 27 Apr 1925 in probably London. She was christened on 7 Feb 1930 in St. Paul's Church, Wood Green, London. She died on 13 Aug 2020 in Downhurst, Castlebar Road, Ealing, London. She was buried on 17 Sep 2020 in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London (grave no. 3282).

Theresa and her husband, Austin, lived in Ealing in London.

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