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Second Generation

2. Jane LYNCH (John ) was born about 1834 in probably parish of SS Michael and John (near Christchurch), Dublin. She was christened in 1834 in probably parish of St. Andrew, Dublin. She died on 22 Jul 1902 in 23 Rowan Road, Hammersmith, London. She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London (grave 7197).

Our source for Jane's birthplace is the 1891 British census which gives her place of birth is given as 'Dublin, St. Michael' (although it appears she was baptised in the parish of St. Andrew in Dublin). The only 'St. Michael' parish in the city of Dublin at that time appears to be 'SS Michael and John' near Christchurch Cathedral. With the exception of the 1851 census, all other censuses just give Dublin as Jane's place of birth.

In the 1851 census Jane appears to be listed as a member of the household of an uncle, John Egan, and his family. However, this Jane's place of birth is given as Co. Kerry (written as "Cerry) but the list of places of birth for some or all members of the Egan family appears to be out of sync as her uncle's place of birth (Dublin) appears one line above where it should be. The Kerry birthplace may therefore relate to the Egan family servant who is listed directly after Jane. If this is the case then Jane's birthplace on the census was intended to read "London, Middlesex", which is actually incorrect as she was born in Dublin. Perhaps her uncle forgot this fact as Jane had moved to Middlesex as an infant. Also included in the census return for John's household (in St. Giles-in-the-Fields in London) is his wife, Mary and their children, Thomas, Edward, Fanny and Alice.

After Jane and her parents moved to London from Dublin they lived on Greek St., Soho (according to the 1841 census). The family later moved to 57a Charlotte Street, St. Pancras (1861 census) which was Jane's address on her marriage certificate (1862). The 1861 census also tells us that Jane was a dressmaker.

According to her death certificate Jane died of "malignant disease of bladder".

Jane married George Patrick BUTLER, son of George James BUTLER and Margaret Lucy MEADE, on 11 Jan 1862 in St Patrick's Chapel, Sutton St., The Strand, London. George was born in 1834 in St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. He died on 18 Apr 1911 in 59 Rowan Road, Hammersmith, London. He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Kensal Green, London (grave 7197).

George was a musical instrument maker in the family business. According to census information, George was born in the St. Martin-in-the-Fields registration district (now incorporated into the City of Westminster), although it is not known exactly where.  The Butlers' London shops as listed below would eventually be located in this area.

William Waterhouse's "The New Langwill Index: A Dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers and Inventors" gives the following dates and addresses for the Butler business (my notes are in parentheses):

1859: 17 Brydges St., Covent Garden, London
1860-1865: 57 Greek St., London
1865-1898: 29 Haymarket, London (at the corner of Shaver's Place, now the location of the Tiger Tiger night club)  
1898-1913: 29 Haymarket (under the name 'George Butler & Sons')
1868-1882: 11 Ellis Quay, Dublin
1882-1926: 34 Bachelor's Walk, Dublin (in Monument House)  
1926-1927: 2 Lower Abbey St., Dublin  

[Notes on the above dates: (i) According to the 1871 census of England, George was employing at that time five men and four boys (in the Haymarket premises), and (ii) The business actually moved from Bachelor's Walk to Lower Abbey St. in 1917 although the family seems to have retained the Bachelor's Walk premises]

"The New Langwill Index" lists Algernon Rose's "Talk with Bandsmen" (London, 1894; reprint ed., London: T. Bingham, 1996) as a secondary source for George's business. According to Mr. Rose, "Sixty years ago all metal instruments of extended compass were played with keys. Mr. George Butler, of 29, Haymarket, London, and of Monument House, O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, will tell you that in 1874 he came across a complete set of copper instruments with brass keys…. Mr. Butler's business was established in the Haymarket in 1826 [actually 1865], and he now exports largely to distant parts of the world. Both of his sons have had Continental experience. Mr. Butler's father succeeded Mr. Dollard, who set up in Dublin about the year 1810."

George and his wife, Jane, seem to have moved around a lot after their marriage: in 1863 they were living at 29a Haymarket (next door to their future shop?), and by 1865 they had moved to 2 Duncan Place (now 31 The Vineyard) in Richmond upon Thames. In 1871, according to the census of that year, their home was 6 Brompton Square, Kensington. By the time of the 1881 census, they were living at 32 St. Mary Abbots Terrace, Kensington, and in 1891, the census shows they were living at 9 Gunterstone Road in West Kensington. The 1901 census tells us that the family had moved to 23 Rowan Road in nearby Hammersmith. Sometime after Jane's death in 1902, George moved to 59 Rowan Road where he lived with his son George and his daughter Mary and her family. It is not known who moved in with whom but George senior's name is given as the head of the household in the 1911 census.

Interestingly, at the time of the 1891 census, the family of Thomas Hussey, whose sons married George's daughters, Mary and Jane, lived at 23 St. Mary Abbots Terrace (having moved there between 1884 and 1991), the same street where George and Jane were living in 1881. Perhaps the two families had been close neighbours at some point and perhaps that's how Mary and Jane first met the Hussey boys. Another possibility is that the Butlers and the Husseys met through their connection with St. Edmund's College in Hertfordshire: Mary's and Jane's younger brother, William, may have attended the college at the same time as some of Thomas Hussey senior's sons.

The cause of George's death was "cerebral haemorrhage, 4 months; hemiplegia; congestion of lungs".

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses to the marriage were Mary Egan and Thomas Egan, probably relaives of Jane's on her mother's side.

Jane and George had the following children.

  10 M i
George Joseph BUTLER was born on 6 Aug 1863 in 29a Haymarket, London. He died after 2 Apr 1911 in probably London.

George was a musical instrument maker in the family business. He is listed in the 1901 and 1911 returns for for the Butler household, suggesting he still lived at home. He was 47 at the time of the 1911 census so it is likely that he never married. The Haymarket shop closed down in 1913. Assuming George was alive at the time, the closure seems surprising given that he was then aged only about 50. However, it is believed that George was a poor businessman who did not enjoy good health.
+ 11 F ii Mary Theresa BUTLER was born on 29 Mar 1865. She died in Mar 1953.
+ 12 F iii Jane Frances BUTLER was born in 1867 or 1868. She died on 9 Mar 1946.
+ 13 M iv William John BUTLER was born about 1869. He died on 2 Nov 1933.
+ 14 F v Winifred Mary BUTLER was born about 1876. She died on 2 May 1919.

9. Teresa L. LYNCH (John ) was born about 1849 in London. She died on 1 Jun 1881 in 32 St. Mary Abbots Terrace, Kensington, London.

Teresa died, aged only 31, at the home of her eldest sister, Jane. The cause of death was tuberculosis from which she had been suffering for at least six months.

Teresa married Frank Castle TURNER, son of Francis (Frank) TURNER and Emma 'UNKNOWN', on 12 Feb 1874 in St. Patrick's Chapel, Sutton St., Soho Square, London. Frank was born on 19 Oct 1839 in Wynn St., Birmingham, Warwickshire. He was christened on 22 Jan 1840 in Saint Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire. He died on 31 Aug 1905 in Charing Cross Hospital, London.

Frank was an artist. At the time of the 1861 census he was living with his parents and two sisters at 43 Michael's Place, St. Mary Abbot, Kensington, London. At the time of his death in 1905 he was living with his second wife, Mary, at 14 Belgrave St., Kings Cross, London.

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses were Teresa's siblings Anna Maria and William, and the marriage was certified by Teresa's brother Edward. Teresa's address at the time of the marriage was 21 Great Russell St., Bloomsbury while Frank's was 11 Sydney St., Chelsea.

Teresa and Frank had the following children.

  15 F i
Teresa Winifred TURNER was born about 1875 in Bayswater, London.

Teresa and her sister, Rosa, appear (from the 1881 census) to have been raised by their maternal grandmother after the early death of their mother in 1881.

It appears Teresa became a nun as a Teresa Turner, aged 36 and born in Bayswater, is listed in the 1911 census an an assistant elementary teacher among the "members of religious community of women" at "The Convent, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, near Bath". This convent appears to have been attached to a Catholic primary school founded in 1825, now St. Benedict's Catholic Primary School. According to St. Benedict's website, "An order of nuns came to the school in 1897 and a small convent was built near St Benedict's Church in Stratton-on-the-Fosse. Nuns ran the school until 1965 and the last nun left in July 1968 when the Convent closed. The school continued at Stratton-on-the-Fosse until December 1974, and reopened at its present site at Charlton Lane on 7 January 1975."

Teresa probably entered the convent after her father's death as she is described as a "spinster" (rather than a religious sister) in her father's probate records. Teresa's father died in 1905 and she inherited his entire estate, valued at £460 10s. That her only sister, Rosa, is not mentioned in the probate records (dated 1 August 1911) suggests that Rosa may have died prior to this date, or she may have entered the convent (religious sisters generally did not receive inheritances as they would have taken a vow of poverty).
  16 F ii
Rosa Mary TURNER was born about 1876 in St. Giles, London.

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