Thomas Gordon and descendants

Cormac Gordon and JFK


John F. Kennedy was awarded the Freedom of the City of Dublin on 28 June 1963 in Dublin Castle. This photograph of the conferring ceremony shows Cormac Gordon (see previous photo) in the back row on the left. Cormac was working at the time in the Department of External Affairs (now Foreign affairs)  and was present at the ceremony by virtue of his position as an assistant to JFK on the day.

Those pictured are (from left to right): back row: Cormac Gordon, unknown, unknown, possibly Hugh McCann (Secretary of External Affairs); second row, left hand side: Brendan Corish, unknown; second row, right hand side: unknown, unknown; third row, left hand side: Patrick Hillery, Neil Blaney, Jack Lynch; third row, right hand side: Cearbhall O Dalaigh, unknown, possibly John Dillon; fourth row, left hand side: unknown, unknown, Sean Lemass; fourth row, right hand side: Frank Aiken, unknown, Erskine Childers; front row: John F. Kennedy, Sean Moore (Lord Mayor), T.C. O'Mahony (City Manager), unknown, Eamon de Valera

It has been suggested that one of the two unidentified men in the back row could be Sean Ronan, Assistant Secretary of External Affairs, and the other could have been the Head of Protocol.

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