Thomas Gordon and descendants

Sarah Gordon and children


This photo, taken around 1911 in New Zealand, shows Sarah Gordon (née Murphy) with the youngest three of her five children, from left to right: Frank, Monica (known as Mona) and Sheila.

Sarah was born in Auckland in 1866 to James Murphy and Johanna Cronin, both of whom were born in Ireland. In 1888, in Auckland, Sarah married Michael Gordon who was born in 1861 to Thomas Gordon (see earlier photo) and Anne Foley of Kilgarriff, Fairymount, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Michael had emigrated to New Zealand following, it is said, an argument with his father over the amount of time he was spending training a racehorse on the family farm.

After their marriage Sarah and Michael lived in Paeroa, where Michael continued to work with horses in the haulage business he owed. Of their five chldren, all but Frank married and had a family: Alfred married Elizabeth Fallon, Albert married Kitty O'Toole, Mona was married to William Bain, and Sheila married Patrick Goonan. Sarah died in 1916 aged only 48 and Michael died in 1938 aged about 77.

Frank, Mona, Sheila and their brothers were grandchildren of Thomas Gordon, and nieces and nephews of Cormac Gordon (see previous photos).

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