O'Hara album

We can trace our O’Hara family back to Laurence O’Hara who married Mary McDonagh about 1796. Both were Sligo-born but settled in Cootehall, Co. Roscommon where they raised four sons (that we know of): William, Roger, Patrick and Laurence. Descendants of William, Patrick and Laurence are pictured below.

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Descendants of William O’Hara

Jane Lavin (formerly O'Hara) and son Damian


Francis Xavier Lavin


O'HARA Maud and Michael Kelly cropped

Jane and Damian Lavin


Francis Lavin


Maud and Michael Kelly

Wedding of Edith O'Hara and John Joe Freeley


Elizabeth Jeffares (formerly O'Hara) and children


Annie Jeffares

O'Hara-Freeley wedding


Jeffares family


Annie Jeffares

McCashin children


Stehen Johnson and Emily O'Hara


O'HARA William & Eliz

McCashin children


Stehen and Emily Johnson


William and Elizabeth O’Hara

William O'Hara and family

O'Hara family

Descendants of Patrick O’Hara


Nora McCormick

Nora (formerly O'Hara) and Michael McCormick

Nora and Michael McCormick

O'HARA Aloysius

Aloysius O’Hara

Mary O'Hara

Mary O'Hara

Descendants of Laurence O’Hara

Margaret Morahan (formerly O'Hara)

Margaret Morahan

Margaret O'Hara (formerly O'Hara) and grandson Michael Morahan

Margaret and Michael Morahan

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