Hussey and Butler group

HUSSEY and Butler family group sharpened


It had been thought this photo of the Hussey and Butler families of Kensington, London, might have been taken in 1891 on the occasion of the marriage of James Hussey and Jane Butler. However, Alison Carter, Senior Keeper of Art at the Hampshire Museums Service, dates the photo at about 1894 or 1895, based mainly on the dress of the woman seated at the far right of the middle row. The large hats apparently date the picture to the 1890s, but the size of the sleeves, which started with a small puff at the top in the early 1890s but developed into a bigger puff as the decade progressed, date it to the mid-1890s.
We do not know the identities of everyone in the photo, although we do have names for four individuals:

The white-haired bearded man in the back row is builder Thomas Hussey (1834-1919), father of James Hussey mentioned above; beside Thomas, on the left, is George Butler (1834-1911), father of Jane Butler mentioned above; standing behind George, behind the main group, is Thomas's son William; and the second man from the right in the back row is Thomas's son Thomas, who married Jane Butler's elder sister Mary in 1886. Based on another photo, we believe the third person from the left in the middle row, with her arms folded, is Jane Butler (formerly Lynch), mother of Jane Butler mentioned above.

There appear to be four priests in the photo (three seated in the middle row and standing second from the left in the back row). We know of four priests in the extended Hussey and Butler families who were alive in 1894/95 so it is possible that one or more of the following are pictured: James Hussey (brother of Thomas senior) who died in early 1896, Robert Butler (brother of George) who died in 1902, Edward Lynch (brother of Jane, George’s wife) who also died in 1902, and Edmund Egan (first cousin of Jane) who died in 1926.

Any help in identifying the individuals in this photo would be much appreciated.

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