Mildred and Michael Hussey

HUSSEY Mildred Bishop and Michael Hussey sharpened


This photo of Mildred Bishop and Michael Hussey was taken about 1919 on the occasion of their engagement. Michael, who was a civil servant, was born in 1892 in Hammersmith, London. He was the eldest of the seven children of James Hussey and Jane Butler (also pictured in this album).

Mildred was born in Trinidad (also in 1892), where her mother was born and where her English-born father was working as a teacher. The family moved to England when Mildred was a child and she grew up in Hammersmith.

After their marriage Michael and Mildred lived in Brook Green in Hammersmith, next door to Michael's parents. They later moved to Mortlake in Surrey. Both Michael and Mildred died in 1980.

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