Hussey Album

The Husseys pictured here are descendants of William Hussey from Castleisland, Co. Kerry, whose son William (born in Castleisland in 1797) moved to London where he worked as a policeman in Kensington. The younger William and his Irish-born wife, Ellen Foley, had at least four children. All those pictured below are descended from their son Thomas, a Kensington-based builder, and his wife, Agnes Devine (whose father was from Co. Kerry).

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HUSSEY and Butler family group sharpened

Hussey and Butler group


Thomas Hussey

HUSSEY Thomas, Mary and family sharpened

Hussey family

HUSSEY Mamie cropped

Mamie Hussey

HUSSEY Kathleen cropped

Kate Hussey

Bob Hussey

Robert Hussey


Robert Hussey


Robert Hussey

Bob and Vera Hussey

Robert and Veronica Hussey

HUSSEY Bob and Vera

Robert and Veronica Hussey

Ted Hussey

Edward Hussey


Laurence Hussey

Eileen Hussey

Eileen Hussey

HUSSEY James with Sheila, Maureen, Una

James Hussey

HUSSEY James and granddaughters cropped

James Hussey

HUSSEY Jane Butler and Michael Hussey cropped

Jane and Michael Hussey

HUSSEY Mildred Bishop and Michael Hussey sharpened

Mildred and Michael Hussey


Ursula Hussey

HUSSEY Monica Hussey's wedding

Hussey-Williams wedding


Philip Hussey

HUSSEY Stephen 2

Stephen Hussey

HUSSEY Stephen

Stephen Hussey

HUSSEY Stephen, Mary and dog cropped

Stephen and Mary Hussey

HUSSEY Stephen, Mary and Maureen

Stephen and Mary Hussey

HUSSEY Stephen 3

Stephen Hussey

HUSSEY Stephen 4

Stephen Hussey

HUSSEY Maureen

Maureen Hussey


Sheila Hussey


Una Hussey


Brigie Hussey

HUSSEY sisters as children cropped

Hussey sisters

HUSSEY sisters 1

Hussey sisters

HUSSEY Sheila, Una and Maureen

Hussey sisters

Hussey sisters

Hussey sisters

HUSSEY sisters with mother cropped

Hussey sisters

HUSSEY sisters 3

Hussey sisters

HUSSEY Sheila, Una and group

Sheila and Una Hussey

HUSSEY Sheila4 cropped

Sheila Hussey

HUSSEY Sheila3

Sheila Hussey

HUSSEY Larry and Sheila

Sheila Hussey

HUSSEY Nan cropped

Nan Hussey


Martin Hussey

HUSSEY Winnie2 cropped

Winnie Hussey

HUSSEY Austin and boat crew

Austin Hussey

HUSSEY Kitty and Valentine

Kitty and Val Hussey

HUSSEY Valentine with uncle

Val Hussey and uncle

HUSSEY Bob and Val cropped

Robert and Valentine Hussey

HUSSEY Henry cropped

Harry Hussey


Edmund Hussey

HUSSEY James with Maureen

Click on the photo above to read the poem Odyssey, written by Maureen Gordon about her grandfather James Hussey.

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