I could not have put my family trees together without the help of very many people. Since beginning my research in 2002, I have received so much information from so many people it would be impossible to list the names of everyone who has helped me - all I can do is say a big Thank You for sharing your knowledge. I would however like to specifically acknowledge the following for getting me started:

Marina Aita (Newfoundland)

Clare Allen (Co. Wicklow)

Matthew Blair (Wellington, NZ)

Joanne Blake (USA)

Eleanor Brash (NSW, Australia)

Shirley Burnham (Coventry)

Bob Boles (Ireland)

George Butler (Dublin)

John Harry Butler (unknown)

Denis Collins (Co. Cork)

Ray Cullen (Ireland)

Maurice Cunningham (Co. Limerick)

Jerry Dallahan (Pennsylvania)

Siobhán Dirilgen (Co. Tipperary)

Ed Finn (

Mick Finucane (Co. Kerry)

Jackie Fisher (Scotland)

Jan Fortado (Massachusetts)

Sheila Francis (Wales)

Eileen Frost (Co. Waterford)

Eithne Gallagher (Co. Roscommon)

Jarlath Glynn (Dublin)

Cormac Gordon (Co. Wicklow)

Cormac Gordon (Co. Dublin),

Cormac Gordon (New York)

Ella Gordon (Middlesex)

Joe Gordon (Middlesex)

Kath Gordon (County Durham)

Tom Gordon (New Hampshire)

Sr. Peggy Hanrahan (Dublin)

Eileen Harrington (Kilkenny)

Fiona Hay (Scotland)

Mary Hayden (Dublin)

David Hegarty (Dublin)

Pauline Hoyle (London)

William Hudson (Florida)

Jackie & Daisy Hughes (Co. Tipperary)

Sarah Hussey (Gloucestershire)

Sheila Hussey (Dublin)

Sheila Ivain (Connecticut)

Brigie Kelly (Co. Carlow)

Michael Kelly (Dublin)

Jer Kennelly (Co. Kerry)

Pádraig Kenny (Co. Leitrim)

Patricia Lanigan (Co. Kerry)

Patrick Lavin (Arizona)

Judy Leyden (Dublin)

Michael Lowey (Dublin)

Niall McCormick (Kent)

Roger McDonnell & team

Tom McEnery (New York)

Terry McGee (Australia)

Patricia McGoldrick (London)

Brent Monahan (Pennsylvania)

Dan Morahan (Colorado)

Colm Murphy (Dublin)

Denise Murphy (California)

Eddie & Kay O’Connor (Co. Kerry)

Kevin O’Connor (Kent)

Sr. Patricia O'Connor (Cork)

Sheila O'Connor (Dublin)

Maura O’Hanlon (Co. Cork)

William O’Hara (Ireland)

Dennis O’Sullivan (Sydney)

Kay O’Sullivan (Co. Cork)

Mick Phythian (Yorkshire)

Cathy Pietronuto (New York)

Mike Power (Ottawa)

Dermot Roantree (Dublin)

Aodhagan Roddy (Galway)

Dermot Ruane (Dublin)

Patricia Scott (Ontario)

Shirley Seaton (London)

Sheila Sheahan (Co. Cork)

Brian Sheehan (Dublin)

Máire Sloane (Co. Westmeath)

Tom Stack (Co. Clare)

Ursula Staszynski (UK)

Arthur Sullivan (Co. Cork)

Thomas Suttles (USA)

Paul Tonks (Auckland, NZ)

Carolyn Treacy (Dublin)

Debbie Treacy (Dublin)

Noel Treacy (Co. Tipperary)

Dave Wells (USA)

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