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Second Generation

2. Margaret FINUCANE (John? ) was born about 1793 in possibly Ardmore, Carhoonakineely, Tarbert, Co. Kerry. She died on 20 May 1877 in Kilbaha, Moyvane, Co. Kerry. She was buried in probably Murhur Cemetery, Moyvane, Co. Kerry.

It is possible that Margaret was a daughter of John Finucane and Kate Lynch of Ardmore, Carhoonakineely, Tarbert. One source tells us she was but another says she was a daughter of a John Finucane of Ardmore who had sons named John - who emigrated to the United States - and possibly Frank. Because the John who married Kate Lynch had a son named John who did not emigrate, it seems there may have been two John Finucanes living in Ardmore around the same time resulting in the uncertainty regarding Margaret's parents.

Another possibility is that Margaret was from Bunagara, near Listowel, Co. Kerry as the family of her husband, Richard, had Bunagara connections and their first child, Edward, was born in Bunagara. One of Edward's baptismal sponsors was a Dermot Finucane. Was Dermot the Dermot Finucane of Bunagara who married Margaret Browne and had a daughter named Margaret in 1834? There was also a Dermot Finucane who lived in Leitrim, Newtownsandes (Moyvane) around that time. It is worth noting that there was also a Dermot Finucane from Ardmore, Carhoonakineely who was born in 1835 (so obviously not Edward's sponsor) to John Finucane and Julia O'Sullivan. In any case, I think it probable that the Tarbert Finucanes were related to the Bunagara Finucanes.          

An indication of what life was like for Margaret and her family back then comes from stories told by family members. For example, Richard and Margaret's son, William, once told a relative that he remembered that while a mass was being said at the house when he was a child, people were put on guard duty outside to see to it that no British police would bother those inside. He also remembered there being firearms in the house at the time. And William's brother, Patrick, told his own son, William, that his (Patrick's) mother, i.e. Margaret, was "beaten up" a number of times by local Whiteboys, agrarian agitators who operated in Ireland at the time.

Of the eight surving children of Margaret and her husband, Richard, six emigrated to the United States, with only their eldest son, who took over the family farm, and their only surviving daughter marrying a Kilbaha man remaining in Kilbaha.

In case there is a connection, here's some information on a Finucane family with possible Duagh connections. It has been provided by Patricia Finucan (sic) of Pennsylvania (her family lost the 'e' in the surname after their arrival in the United States). Patricia's ancestor Thomas Finucane was born January or February of 1848 in Ireland and emigrated to the U.S. before 1870. He had at least two  cousins who lived in the U.S., Daniel McCarthy and Maria McCarthy; and his death record states that his parents were John and either Ellen or Ann. Thomas was buried with members of the family of Daniel Dillon from Duagh. Patricia believes Thomas and Daniel Dillon were related as Thomas and his cousin Daniel McCarthy were living with Daniel Dillon's family at the time of the 1870 U.S. census.

Margaret married Richard HUDSON, son of William? HUDSON (caution: not verified) and 'UNKNOWN', about 1815 in north Kerry. Richard was born in abt 1780s in north Kerry. He died before 1853 in probably Kilbaha, Moyvane, Co. Kerry. He was buried in probably Murhur Cemetery, Moyvane, Co. Kerry.

We do not know where exactly Richard was born but we are presuming that it was in north Kerry. We do know he was baptised into the Protestant faith although he converted to Catholicism and his children were raised as Catholics owing to his marriage to a Catholic. We also know Richard was related to wealthy Edward Hudson of Strand St. in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Based on birth and baptismal dates for his children, it appears he and his wife, Margaret, moved several times while the children were young. Why did they move so often? Hudson researcher Tom Moloney has suggested the following very plausible explanation:

"What we have is:
Edmond, born in Bunagara, Listowel, Co. Kerry, baptised in Listowel in 1816
Johanna, born in Trieneragh, Duagh, Co. Kerry, baptised in Duagh in 1820
Patrick, born in Droumcunnig, Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry, baptised in Abbeydorney in 1838
Now Duagh baptisms records begin in 1819 while those in Abbeydorney only survive from 1835 forward. Listowel records look complete from 1800 to 1826.
The Hudsons were ejected from Bunagara sometime around 1820, probably before. My feeling is that they moved temporarily to Trieneragh. It should be noted that Trieneragh is adjacent to Bunagara - only the river Feale separates the two townlands. It's believable that the Hudsons may have had some friends in Trieneragh who gave them shelter for a short while. William may have been born there in say 1818 and baptised in Duagh but no record of that survives.
Sometime after 1820 but before 1827, the family might have moved to Droumcunig. This townland was of course held by the Hudson family of Tralee. And it may be the case that Edward Hudson, out of sympathy for his cousin, set up Richard with a farm plot there. Further children (Richard, Jeremiah, Frank and John) were born there and baptised in Abbeydorney but, of course, there's no record of them due to the fact that records there only begin in 1835."

By 1850 it appears Richard and Margaret had settled in Kilbaha, Newtownsandes (Moyvane), Co. Kerry. The aforementioned Edward Hudson owned over 400 acres of land in Kilbaha and it is likely Richard and Margaret lived on a plot belonging to Edward. Descendants of Richard and Margaret's still live in Kilbaha.

Although we do not have an exact date of death for Richard we do know he had died before his youngest child, Patrick, emigrated to the United States in 1853.

They had the following children.

+ 3 M i Edward (Edmond) HUDSON was born about 9 Mar 1816. He died on 10 Oct 1883.
+ 4 M ii William HUDSON was born about 1818. He died on 2 Jul 1893.
+ 5 F iii Johanna HUDSON was born about 26 Nov 1820. She died on 1 Dec 1897.
+ 6 M iv Richard HUDSON was born on 15 Aug 1827. He died on 14 Sep 1902.
+ 7 M v Jeremiah HUDSON was born about 1830. He died on 20 May 1905.
+ 8 M vi Francis (Frank) John HUDSON was born about 1831. He died on 9 Nov 1898.
  9 M vii
John HUDSON was born in Aug 1832 in probably Droumcunig, Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry. He was christened in probably Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry. He died on 20 Apr 1907 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Oshkosh.

John emigrated to the United States in 1852, living initially in Philadelphia before settling in Oshkosh in 1857. It is known that he worked as a coachman for a Dr. Eaton in Oshkosh and for the North Side Hospital, also in Oshkosh. Apparently John visited Ireland 11 times after moving to the States, his last visit being in 1877 during his his mother's final illness (he is listed as the informant on her death certificate). His grandniece Esther Peil (née Hudson) of Racine, Wisconsin, remembered John as a tall thin man with a beard.

John never married. He died in the Oshkosh poor house where it appears he had been living for a number of years (he was listed as a pauper there in the 1900 census).
+ 10 M viii Patrick Robert HUDSON was born on 13 May 1838. He died on 15 Dec 1914.
  11 F ix
'unknown' HUDSON (female) was born in north Co. Kerry. She died.

We know of 'unknown's existence from a letter written by Tom Sheehan (1900-1981) of Kilbaha in 1981 to his relative Bill Hudson of Florida. In the letter Tom writes "Edward Hudson had 2 sisters, one was married to Brian Cunningham, Johanna, and she had a sister that died very young." Unfortunately we have no further information on this sister.

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