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First Generation

1. John? FINUCANE was born in possibly Ardmore, Carhoonakineely, Tarbert, Co. Kerry.

My Finucane family has origins in an area called Ardmore in the townland of Carhoonakineely (not to be confused with the nearby townlands of Carhoona and Carhoonakilla) near Tarbert, Co. Kerry. According to 'The Hudsons of County Kerry and their Descendants', completed in 1960 by a Finucane cousin of mine, William (Bill) Hudson, our Finucane family is descended from a John Finucane (possibly John above) who, sometime in the 19th century, divided his large farm in Ardmore between two sons (no names are given). One of these sons was the grandfather of Pat Finucane of Farranawanna who helped Bill with his Finucane research in the late 1950s. Pat told Bill that his (Bill's) great-grandmother (my great-great-great grandmother) Margaret Finucane was a sister of the two sons who got the land in Ardmore. However, there is no documented evidence to support this.

Other Finucane research carried out by Brian and Kieran Sheehan from Dublin reveals that their Finucane family is the same as that of the aforementioned Pat Finucane of Farranawanna. Brian and Kieran, however, had never come across Margaret Finucane in their research. Because of the lack of evidence linking Margaret to the Finucane family of Pat Finucane and Brian and Kieran Sheehan, I have placed the data I have gathered on their Finucane family on the Connected Families section of this website (click on Connected Families on the Home page). Any additional information on either their Finucane family or mine would be welcomed.

Further confusion arises from the fact that 'The Hudsons of County Kerry' also tells us that it is possible that Margaret was a daughter of (another?) John Finucane (who would have lived in Ardmore around the same time as the John Finucane who divided his farm between his two sons) whose only known children were John and possibly Frank. Given the Ardmore connection, they may be the same family as the Finucanes described above. However, John, son of John and possible brother of Frank, emigrated to the United States whereas John, son of John who divided the farm, remained in Ireland. As I have no evidence to link Margaret to this particular Finucane family,  I have put data I have gathered on this family on the Connected Families section of this website. Any further information on any Finucane family from Carhoonakineely would be very much appreciated. If you can help, please email Thank you.

Moving away from Carhoonakineely, I feel it is also a possibility that my Finucane family may have come from Bunagara, Listowel, Co. Kerry as my great-great-great-grandmother Margaret Finucane (possible daughter of John? above) lived there with her husband, Richard Hudson, for a short time after their marriage. There were several Finucane families living in Bunagara at the time and Margaret may have come from one of these families.  

The Finucane surname is numerous in counties Limerick, Kerry and Clare. An Irish form is Mac Fionnmhacáin meaning "fair son". It is thought that the Finucanes came to Ireland from Normandy with Strongbow in 1170 to aid Dermot, King of Leinster. The first Finucanes to have settled in Ireland are thought to have lived in Tipperary from where they were expelled by Cromwell's settlers. It is believed that a number of them then settled in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry after which some drifted to the Tarbert area.

John? married 'UNKNOWN'. 'UNKNOWN' died.

They had the following children.

+ 2 F i Margaret FINUCANE was born about 1793. She died on 20 May 1877.

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