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First Generation

1. John FINUCANE was born in probably Ardmore, Carhoonakineely, Tarbert, Co. Kerry. He died in probably Ardmore, Carhoonakineely, Tarbert, Co. Kerry.

I have been told that John was the father of my great-great-great-grandmother Margaret Finucane. However, I have also been told that Margaret was a daughter of another John Finucane who also lived at the same time in Ardmore, Carhoonakineely and who married a Kate Lynch and had at least three children:  John, Thomas and Dan. It is possible that all these Finucanes are from the same family but John, son of John Finucane and Kate Lynch, stayed in Ireland whereas John, the son of John above, emigrated to the United States, so it appears there may have been two different Finucane families headed by two John Finucanes living in Carhoonakineely around the same time.

Chris Finnican from North Carolina, a descendant of a Finucane family from Tarbert, has kindly provided me with information on his family in case there is a connection to mine. His great-great-grandparents were Thomas Finucane and Mary A. McMahon from the Tarbert area who - just prior to the American Civil War, it is believed - emigrated to the United States. They lived for a time in the Corning/Elmira region of New York, where other Finucane relatives appear to have been living, before settling in Whitehall, New York. Rumour has it the Corning Finucanes changed the name to Finnican after a second wave of Tarbert Finucanes moved to Rochester, New York, possibly because they felt snubbed by their more affluent Rochester relatives.  

Chris has given us the following list of Tarbert Finucanes/Finnicans who are buried in a Corning cemetery, although he believes Thomas, his great-great grandfather, was not a son of Daniel Finnican listed below as "father" as contact was lost with the Corning relatives following the move to Whitehall and none of Thomas's sons was named Daniel (it was traditional at the time to name the first-born son after his paternal grandfather):

Finnican, Anna, born 1866, died 1888  
Finnican, Catherine, died 1920  
Finnican, Daniel, born 1820, died 1886, "father"
Finnican, Daniel G., born 1862, died 1913  
Finnican, James, born 1878, died 1914  
Finnican, John, born 1850, died 1875  
Finnican, John J., born 1843, died 1893  
Finnican, Juliana, born 1828, died 1897  
Finnican, Katherine, born 1862, died 8 Jan 1921  
Finnican, Mary, born 1829, died 1895, "mother"
Finnican, Michael, born 1848, died 1878  
Finnican, Patrick, born 1875, died 1898  
Finnican, Thomas, born 1871, died 1897

While it is not known if or how Chris's Finucane/Finnican family might be connected to our Finucane family, it is known that some descendants of Ardmore-born John Finucane above, changed their name to Finnigan following their arrival in the United States, so, given the Tarbert connection, it is certainly possible that Chris's great-great-grandfather might be a descendant of John Finucane above.

Any further information on any Finucane family from Carhoonakineely, or any other townland in Tarbert for that matter, would be very much appreciated. If you can help, please email Thank you.  

Note: Most of the information below on the descendants of John Finucane above comes from William (Bill) Hudson's work 'The Hudsons of County Kerry and their Descendants' (1960), available for viewing in the National Library of Ireland in Dublin and Tralee and Listowel libraries in Co. Kerry.

John married 'UNKNOWN'. 'UNKNOWN' died.

They had the following children.

+ 2 M i John FINUCANE.
+ 3 M ii Francis? FINUCANE died.

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