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Second Generation

3. Mary CAREW (Edmond ) was born about 29 Apr 1851 in possibly Newtown, Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. She was christened on 29 Apr 1851 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. She died after 2 Apr 1911 in possibly Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary.

Sponsors at Mary's baptism were Michael Carey and Margaret Hanley. Mary's surname appears as "Keary' in the baptismal register.

It is known that Mary was living in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary with her son Martin in 1911. Martin was working there at the time as a gasworks manager. I have been unable to locate a death certificate for Mary and therefore do not have a date of death.

Mary married Thomas TREACY, son of John TREACY and Mary LOOBY (caution: not verified), on 25 Feb 1873 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Thomas was born in possibly about 8 Nov 1821 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. He was christened in possibly 8 Nov 1821 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. He died on 24 Dec 1895 in Murgasty, Co. Tipperary.

Although it is known that Thomas was born in Soloheadbeg to a father named John Treacy and a a mother named Mary, we are unable to say for definite that he was a son of John Treacy and Mary Looby who married in February 1818. If he was indeed a son of John Treacy and Mary Looby, then he was born in November 1821 because a record of his baptism (on 8 November 1821) has been located (sponsors were John Hanley and Winifred Connors). Unfortunately this birth date doesn't tie in with the age given on his marriage certificate from February 1873, which looks like 37 (indicating he was born around 1835), but the age on the certificate is difficult to make out and could also be deciphered 50 or 51 (indicating he was born around 1822 - a nice fit with the baptismal certificate). However, Thomas's death certificate from December 1895 gives his age at 54, indicating he was born around 1841.

It is known for certain that our Thomas had a brother named Denis. Unfortunately no baptismal record for a Denis Treacy born in Soloheadbeg to a father named John and a mother named Mary was located.

At the time of his marriage, in 1873, Thomas's occupation was a farmer (according to his marriage certificate). At the time of the birth of his son, Thomas, in 1881, he was the superintendant of a coal yard (according to the birth certificate); at the time of the birth of his son Edmund in 1875 he was a shopkeeper; and at the time of his death in 1895 he was a labourer.

Thomas died of 'Cystitis (3-4 months)" and "Asthenia".

Interestingly, among the all the sponsors at the baptism of Thomas and Mary's children, there is not a single Treacy; the sponsors are mostly Carews.

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses to the marriage of Thomas and Mary were Edmond Hanley and Catherine Carew.

Mary and Thomas had the following children.

  11 M i
John TREACY was born on 4 Dec 1873 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. He was christened on 5 Dec 1873 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. He died in probably 1873 or 1874.

Sponsors at John's baptism were Michael Looby and Catherine Carey.

Because a second John was born a year later, we assume that this John died shortly after birth.
  12 M ii
John TREACY was born about 30 Oct 1874 in Co. Tipperary. He was christened on 1 Nov 1874 in Tipperary.

Sponsors at John's baptism were Michael Looby and Catherine Carey.

There doesn't seem to be any recollection of John as an adult. He may have died as a child.
  13 M iii
Edmund TREACY was born on 6 Nov 1875 in Meeting St., Tipperary, Co. Tipperary. He was christened on 8 Nov 1875 in Tipperary, Co. Tipperary. He died in probably April 1906 in probably San Francisco.

Sponsors at Edmund's baptism were Edmund Carey and Margaret O'Dwyer.

Edmund emigrated to the United States as a young man. Ellis Island records were checked but nothing that definitely related to this Edmund was found.

I am told that Edmund probably died in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 as he was living there at the time and nothing more was heard from him after the event. However, we have no documented evidence to prove this. Note that the Edmund Treacy who died in California on 7 October 1911, who had brothers named John and Timothy, and who is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in San Mateo, California, is NOT our Edmund.
  14 M iv
Timothy (Timmy) Joseph TREACY was born about 16 Jul 1878 in Church St., Tipperary. He was christened on 16 Jul 1878 in Tipperary. He died on 28 Nov 1930 in Lisnabrinnia, Mountnugent, Co. Cavan. He was buried on 30 Nov 1930 in Ballinacree Cemetery, Mountnugent, Co. Cavan.

Sponsors at Timmy's baptism were were John Casey and Johanna Casey (should "Casey" read "Carey"?).

It appears Timmy became a Christian Brother as there is a 22-year-old Co. Tipperary-born brother named Timothy Treacy listed in the 1901 census with three other brothers at Railway Road, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. All four are teachers. It seems Timmy had moved to London by 1911. No record could be located for him in the Irish census of that year but in the 1911 UK census there is a 31-year-old Tipperary-born school teacher named Timothy Joseph Treacy (although our Timmy would have been 32 years of age at the time) listed as a boarder in the household of a Mr. John McGuinness and his Tipperary-born wife, Bridget, of 9 St. Kilda Road in West Ealing.

Timmy did not remain a Christian Brother for very long as he appears to have been living in Co. Wicklow in 1918 as a layman. Notes from The Anglo-Celt newspaper mention that "Mr. T.J. Treacy", who had been giving woodworking courses in Co. Cavan, had sent a letter to the Cavan Technical Committee, "dated from Wicklow, where Mr. Treacy lived", stating that he was unable to attend a committee meeting on 13 July 1918 owing to a bout of influenza. Timmy's brother Martin was working in Wicklow at this time and it is possible that Timmy was living with Martin. Martin moved to Fermoy. Co. Cork in 1919 but we do not know if Timmy remained in Wicklow after that or moved permanently to Co. Cavan.

Later editions of The Anglo Celt tell us that Timmy continued giving woodworking courses in Co. Cavan until 1929, with classes in Belturbet in 1918 and 1919, Shercock in 1920, Cootehill in 1921, Ballinagh and Bunnoe in 1926 and Maghera in 1929. However, on 6 November 1929, he left a course he was teaching in Mountnugent and was put on sick leave. Timmy was suffering from depression and had been expected to return to work a year later when, sadly, on 28 November 1930, he took his own life. He had used a gun belonging to the owner of the Lisnabrinnia lodging house where he had been living for about a year and where the incident took place. According to the inquest report, Timmy had not been in good health for many months and had been spending a lot of time in bed. A Dr. Cassidy told the inquest "I have been attending deceased for the past twelve months. On my first visit I found he was suffering from influenza and subsequent to this he developed neurasthenia¹; I strongly advised him to go into a nursing home, but he refused". Later in his deposition Dr. Cassidy said "The reason why I urged deceased to go to a nursing home was that I dreaded he might do himself an injury".

Full details of the inquest (which incorrectly states that Timmy was a native of Wicklow) can be found on pages 1 and 3 of The Anglo-Celt of 6 December 1930.  

1. A term, no longer used, describing 'nervous exhaustion' with sufferers displaying both psychological and physical symptoms such as fatigue, neuralgia, anxiety, dizziness and depression. 'Bed rest cure' in a hospital was usually prescribed.
+ 15 M v Thomas Joseph TREACY was born on 13 Apr 1881. He died on 13 Apr 1969.
  16 M vi
Martin Joseph TREACY was born on 16 Nov 1883 in Murgasty Cottages, Murgasty, Co. Tipperary. He died on 19 Jan 1977 in Fermoy, Co. Cork. He was buried in Kilcrumper Old Cemetery, Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Sponsors at Martin's baptism were Edmond Carew and Bridget Carew.

According to the 1901 census return for his mother's household in Murgasty, Co. Tipperary, Martin, aged 17, was a baker. By the time of the 1911 census he was a gasworks manager, living on The Quay, Carrick-on-Suir (presumably in the house that adjoined the gasworks on the Quay) with his widowed mother. In late 1914 Martin was promoted to manager of the gasworks in Wicklow and was replaced in Carrick by his elder brother Thomas.

We know from The Irish Times editions of 21 and 28 October 1916 that Martin saved a boy from drowning during his time in Wicklow: "Mr Martin Tracey (sic), gas manager, Wicklow, saved the life of a boy named Robert Culbert, Strand street, Wicklow... Mr. Tracey jumped in and brought him ashore in an unconscious condition."

It is known that Martin's brother Timmy was living in Wicklow in 1918, which makes me think that Timmy may have been living with Martin as the Treacy family appears to have had no other Wicklow connections. In 1919 Martin was transferred to Fermoy, Co. Cork as manager of the gasworks there. It appears he lived in Fermoy (in Duntahane) for the rest of his life.

Martin married Catherine FOGARTY, daughter of James FOGARTY, on 17 Jun 1919 in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. Catherine was born about 1885 in Portlaw, Co. Waterford. She died on 5 Jan 1964 in Fermoy, Co. Cork.

Catherine was matron of a workhouse or hospital (presumably in Fermoy).

Martin and Catherine, who lived in Duntahane, Fermoy, had no children.

Marriage Notes:

Martin and Catherine's marriage certificate gives an address of Carrick-on-Suir for Catherine and Wicklow for Martin.

7. Daniel CAREW (Edmond ) was born about 1 Apr 1859 in Newtown, Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. He was christened on 1 Apr 1859 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. He died on 30 Nov 1930 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary.

Sponsors at Daniel's baptism were Daniel Hanley and Honora Godfrey. The family's address on the baptismal record is given as Newtown. Presumably this is the townland of Newtown in the parish of Soloheadbeg, and Daniel's birthplace.

According to the 1911 census, Daniel was a farmer and farrier (blacksmith). He and his wife and children are the only Carew family listed in Soloheadbeg. Assuming he inherited the family farm, it is probable that his elder brothers, Edmund and Timothy, had died or emigrated.

Daniel married Mary COFFEY, daughter of William COFFEY, on 1 Mar 1897 in Solohead Chapel, Co. Tipperary. Mary was born about 1862 in probably Gortanerrig, Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. She died on 17 Aug 1933 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary.

According to the 1911 census, Daniel and Mary had four children born alive, three of whom were alive in 1911.

Mary died of stomach cancer.

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses were John Treacy and Julia Mahoney.

Daniel and Mary had the following children.

+ 17 M i Edmond (Ned) CAREW was born on 2 Apr 1898. He died on 28 Jun 1974.
+ 18 F ii Maria (Mary Ann) CAREW was born on 11 Jan 1900. She died on 26 Feb 1981.
+ 19 F iii Eleanor (Lena) CAREW was born on 14 Aug 1901. She died after 28 Jun 1974.
  20 iv
'unknown' CAREW was born in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. 'unknown' died before 2 Apr 1911.

8. Sarah Agnes (Agnes) CAREW (Edmond ) was born about 22 Dec 1863 in possibly Newtown, Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. She was christened on 22 Dec 1863 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. She died on 3 Apr 1935 in Duncannon, Co. Wexford.

Sponsors at Agnes's baptism were Joan Ryan and Catherine Ryan.

According to the 1911 census, Agnes and her husband, Patrick, had been married 26 years and had seven children born alive, all of whom were alive at the time of the census.

Sarah married Patrick MONAHAN, son of Patrick MONAHAN, on 27 Nov 1884 in Tipperary Chapel, Co. Tipperary. Patrick was born about 1853 in east Co. Galway. He died on 9 May 1915 in Duncannon, Co. Wexford.

Patrick was a member of the R.I.C. (Royal Irish Constabulary). R.I.C. records show that a Patrick Monahan, born in Co. Galway, enlisted in the force in 1874 aged 21. I think it likely that this relates to our Patrick. At the time of his marriage, in 1884, Patrick was an R.I.C. constable in Golden, Co. Tipperary. The 1901 census tells us he was still a policeman 17 years later and living in Duncannon, Co. Wexford, but by the time of the birth of his youngest child, Harriet, in 1902 he had become a shopkeeper in Duncannon. In the 1911 census he is described as a shopkeeper and publican. His father had also been a shopkeeper.

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses were Martin J. O'Donnell and Joanna M. Carew.

Sarah and Patrick had the following children.

  21 M i
William Joseph MONAHAN was born on 13 Jun 1886 in Co. Tipperary. He died on 24 Nov 1918.

From family sources I have William's birth and death dates and county of birth and death. I have also been told he lived in Co. Tipperary. However, I have been unable to confirm any of this information. Nor can I find any trace of William in the 1911 census. He is listed in the 1901 census, when he was aged 14 and living with his family in Duncannon, Co. Wexford.
+ 22 F ii Alice Frances MONAHAN was born on 11 Oct 1887. She died on 16 Oct 1947.
+ 23 M iii Patrick MONAHAN was born on 23 Apr 1890. He died on 10 Aug 1942.
  24 M iv
Edward MONAHAN was born on 12 Jun 1892 in Duncannon, Co. Wexford. He died on 8 May 1935 in New York City.

According to the family, Edward was in the RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) prior to emigrating to the United States (he arrived in New York on 30 April 1915 having sailed on the "Megantic" from Liverpool). On the ship manifest his occupation as given as "ship's steward", and his contact name was an uncle, Martin Monahan, who lived in New York. Sadly, Edward's father, Patrick, died only nine days after Edward's arrival in the States.

Edward's World War I registration card - every male of military age was required to complete one - tells us that Edward was working as a porter in 1917 in a hotel at 73rd St. and Broadway in New York. The name of the hotel is almost illegible but it could be the Ansonia. The card also tells us he lived at what looks like 206 8th Avenue in New York and that he was "tall", of medium build, had grey eyes and brown hair.

I believe I have found Edward in the 1920 and 1930 censuses. There is an Irish-born Edward Monahan of a similar age lodging in Manhattan in 1920 and working as a waiter. In 1930 an Edward Monahan, who emigrated from Ireland in 1915, is working as a houseman for an Epstein family in Yonkers, New York. This Edward, who is 36 years old, was married at the age of 29, but his wife is not listed as a member of the household. Taking the difference between his census age and his age at marriage we have an approximate year of marriage of 1923. Marriage records were located on the Ancestry website for two Edward Monahans who were married in New York around that time; one was married in Kings County (equivalent to Brooklyn) on 6 March 1923 and the other in Kings on 19 August 1925 but in neither case is the bride's name provided so we cannot say if either of these records relates to our Edward.

Edward was only 42 years of age when he died.
Edward married Mary (Mamie) RYAN. Mary died.
+ 25 M v Alfred MONAHAN was born on 28 Aug 1896. He died on 10 Jan 1934.
+ 26 M vi Martin Joseph MONAHAN was born on 15 Apr 1898.
+ 27 F vii Patricia Harriet (Harriet) Mary MONAHAN was born on 25 Jun 1902.

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