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'unknown' GALVIN died. 'unknown' married 'UNKNOWN'.

'UNKNOWN' died. 'UNKNOWN' married 'unknown' GALVIN.

They had the following children.

  F i Ellen GALVIN was born about 1891. She died on 18 Apr 1941.
  M ii
Jeremiah GALVIN died.

Jeremiah was a priest in San Francisco.
  M iii
Timothy GALVIN died.

Timothy was a priest in San Francisco.
  M iv Denis GALVIN died.
  M v Patrick GALVIN died.
  F vi 'unknown' GALVIN (female) died.
  F vii 'unknown' GALVIN (female) died.

Denis GALVIN [Parents] died. Denis married 'UNKNOWN'.

'UNKNOWN' died. 'UNKNOWN' married Denis GALVIN.

Patrick GALVIN [Parents] died. Patrick married 'UNKNOWN'.

'UNKNOWN' died. 'UNKNOWN' married Patrick GALVIN.

J. J. GALVIN died. J. J. GALVIN married 'unknown' GALVIN (female).

'unknown' GALVIN (female) [Parents] died. 'unknown' married J. J. GALVIN.

J. HICKEY died. J. HICKEY married 'unknown' GALVIN (female).

'unknown' GALVIN (female) [Parents] died. 'unknown' married J. HICKEY.

'Unknown' above lived in Listowel, Co. Kerry.

Patrick F. DUNNE was born in Ireland. He died in 1933 in Chicago. Patrick married Hanora (Nora) BUCKLEY.

Hanora (Nora) BUCKLEY [Parents] was born on 9 Jun 1886 in probably Clounmacon, Moyvane, Co. Kerry. She died on 3 Jun 1956 in Chicago. Hanora married Patrick F. DUNNE.

Patrick MCMAHON died.

He had the following children.

  F i Catherine (Kathleen) MCMAHON was born on 28 Nov 1912. She died in 1997.

Martin COSTELLO was born in 1938 in Tullabeg, Ballybunion, Co. Kerry. He died in 2001. Martin married 'unknown' MULVIHILL (female).

Living [Parents].

They had the following children.

  M i Living.
  M ii Living.
  M iii Living.
  F iv Living.
  M v Living.
  F vi Living.

'unknown' SHADE died. 'unknown' married Margaret PURTILL.

Margaret PURTILL [Parents] was born in 1888 in Ballydonoghue, Co. Kerry. She died in 1922 in Louisville, Kentucky. Margaret married 'unknown' SHADE.

Patrick PIERCE [Parents] was born on 10 May 1870 in Coolkeragh, Shronowen, Listowel, Co. Kerry. He died in 1944 in Chicago. Patrick married Ellen (Nellie) DINEEN about 1896.

Patrick emigrated to the United States.

Ellen (Nellie) DINEEN was born in 1876 in Illinois. She died in 1926 in Chicago. Ellen married Patrick PIERCE about 1896.

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