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Living [Parents].


Living [Parents].

Justo (Justin) ARRIETA was born on 19 Dec 1878 in Spain. Justo married Cecelia Bertram MELROSE in 1905 in Paddington, London.

Justin worked as a hotel and restaurant waiter. He and his wife, Cecelia, and their family lived in Hornsey, London, having moved from Hammersmith, London.

Cecelia Bertram MELROSE was born on 30 Aug 1876. Cecelia married Justo (Justin) ARRIETA in 1905 in Paddington, London.

They had the following children.

  M i
Eusebio ARRIETA was born about 1906 in probably Hammersmith, London.
  M ii Cecil Meigel ARRIETA was born on 5 Nov 1908. He died on 21 Aug 1981.
  M iii
Jaime? ARRIETA was born in 1910 in Hammersmith, London. He died.

Listed with his parents, Justin and Cecelia, in the 1911 census is (what looks like) Jaime, their eight-month-old son. The family was living at the time at 101 Galloway Road, Hammersmith.
  F iv
Eliza R. ARRIETA was born in 1912 in Hammersmith, London. She died.
  F v
Marie C. ARRIETA was born on 16 Mar 1914 in Islington, London. She died.

Robert Alfred STANSELL [Parents] was born on 29 Apr 1879 in Taunton, Somerset. He died in 1968 in Exeter, Devon. Robert married Myrtle S. DORAN in 1937 in Devon.

Other marriages:
BOOKER, Etheldreda (Ethel) Matilda

Robert, who came from a family of builders, was a gas engineer. He lived in Wembury, Devon.

Myrtle S. DORAN was born on 7 Dec 1880. Myrtle married Robert Alfred STANSELL in 1937 in Devon.

Albert Edward SAUNDERS died. Albert married Brenda Ruth QUIGLEY in 1940 in Hove, Sussex.

Brenda Ruth QUIGLEY [Parents] was born on 4 Jun 1910 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. She died in 1986 in Brighton, Sussex. Brenda married Albert Edward SAUNDERS in 1940 in Hove, Sussex.

Brenda was an elementary school teacher.

Robert STANSELL [Parents] was born on 28 Feb 1907 in Taunton, Somerset. He died. Robert married Marjorie P. BRADFORD in 1938 in Coventry.

Robert was a master builder. In 1939 he and his wife, Marjorie, were living at The Shop, Heybrook, Heybrook Bay, Plympton, Devon (according to the 1939 Register).

Marjorie P. BRADFORD was born on 20 Apr 1911. She died. Marjorie married Robert STANSELL in 1938 in Coventry.

Marjorie was a shopkeeper.

Richard W. STANSELL [Parents] was born on 10 Jan 1914 in Exeter, Devon. He died in 2003 in Exeter, Devon. Richard married Eleanor G. SCOTT in 1938 in Plympton, Devon.

Richard was a master builder. He and his wife, Eleanor, lived in Wembury, Plympton, Devon.

Eleanor G. SCOTT was born on 30 Jun 1907. She died. Eleanor married Richard W. STANSELL in 1938 in Plympton, Devon.

John LYNCH died after 30 Apr 1898.

John was a labourer.

He had the following children.

  M i Timothy LYNCH was born about 1870. He died on 21 Feb 1952.

Raymond BROOKE-LITTLE [Parents] was born on 10 Feb 1884. He died in 1961 in Oxfordshire. Raymond married Constance Marie EGAN on 22 Dec 1924 in Church of Our Lady of Grace, Grove Road, Marylebone, London.

Other marriages:
HILL, Mary David

Raymond, an electrical engineer, was a widower when he married Constance. He may have retired as an engineer by 1939 as the 1939 Register tells us he was a "lodging house keeper" at that time.

Constance Marie EGAN [Parents] was born on 23 Dec 1891 in 47 Cotleigh Road, West End Lane, Hampstead, London. She died on 31 Dec 1975 in Oxfordshire. She was buried in Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire. Constance married Raymond BROOKE-LITTLE on 22 Dec 1924 in Church of Our Lady of Grace, Grove Road, Marylebone, London.

Constance was a children's author. Her works include several books about Epaminondas, a character from folk tales of the southern states of the U.S., and stories about Jummy, the Baby Elephant. Constance also worked as editor of the women's magazine Home Chat in the 1920s, and from the 1950s until 1965 she was managing editor of The Coat of Arms, the quarterly journal of the Heraldry Society, founded by her son, John. The 1939 Register gives her occupation as journalist. She and her husband, Raymond, were living at the time at 54 Bayswater Road, Paddington, London.

Marriage Notes:

The marriage was performed by Constance's greatuncle Canon Edmund Egan and was witnessed by H. A. Goldschmidt and Philip Thornton. Constance's address at the time was 7 Abbey Gardens, St. John's Wood, London and Raymond's was 21 Ladbroke Gardens, Kensington, London.

They had the following children.

  M i John Philip BROOKE-LITTLE was born on 6 Apr 1927. He died on 13 Feb 2006.

John Philip BROOKE-LITTLE [Parents] was born on 6 Apr 1927 in Blackheath, Kent. He died on 13 Feb 2006 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. He was buried in Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire. John married Mary L. PIERCE in 1960 in Holborn, London.

John was an expert in heraldry. In 1947, at the age of about 20, he founded the Society of Heraldic Antiquaries, renamed the Heraldry Society in 1950. He subsequently graduated from New College, Oxford with a degree in History and later built up a practice in heraldry and genealogy which involved the design of coats of arms. From the 1960s until the 1980s John edited Boutell's Heraldry, a classic textbook on heraldry, and authored several books on heraldry.

The family home was Heyford House, near Bicester in Oxfordshire, which John and his wife, Mary, purchased after their marriage.

Note from Helen: Having read that John ran a practice in genealogy and heraldry it would not surprise me if he had drawn up his own family tree. If such a tree exists I would love to take a look at the Egan branch as my husband is connected to John through the Egans (my husband's grandfather Stephen Hussey was a third cousin of John's - John and Stephen's Egan great-grandparents were brother and sister respectively). If anyone has a copy of such a tree I would be very grateful if you would email

Living [Parents].

They had the following children.

  M i Living.
  F ii Living.
  M iii Living.
  M iv Living.

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