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Thomas GARDINER died. Thomas married Florence 'UNKNOWN'.

Florence 'UNKNOWN' died. Florence married Thomas GARDINER.

They had the following children.

  F i Living.

William (Bill) MORGAN died. William married Elizabeth (Lill) HEWITT in 1950 in Chester, England.

Elizabeth (Lill) HEWITT [Parents] was born on 24 Jul 1904 in Bansha, Co. Tipperary. She died on 25 Apr 1974 in Chester, England. She was buried in Eccleston Cemetery, Chester. Elizabeth married William (Bill) MORGAN in 1950 in Chester, England.

Lill was a nurse. She lived in Blackrock in Dublin prior to moving to Chester in England.

Richard (Dick) WOULFE [Parents] was born in 1795. He died in 1871 in Illinois. Richard married Mary FOLEY.

Dick and his wife, Mary, emigrated with their family to the United States around 1847. They settled in LaSalle County, Illinois.

Mary FOLEY was born in 1802. She died in 1861. Mary married Richard (Dick) WOULFE.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary WOULFE was born in 1826. She died in 1912.
  F ii Margaret WOULFE was born about 1826. She died in 1883.
  F iii Ellen WOULFE was born in 1820s. She died on 30 Mar 1900.
  M iv Richard J. WOULFE was born on 5 May 1843. He died on 25 May 1927.
  M v
Patrick (Pat) WOULFE died.
  M vi
Richard WOULFE died.
  M vii
'unknown' WOULFE (male) died.
  M viii
'unknown' WOULFE (male) died.
  M ix
'unknown' WOULFE (male) died.

Maurice WOULFE [Parents] was born about 1800. He died in 1879 in probly Illinois. Maurice married Ellen CAREY in 1830.

Maurice and his wife, Ellen, along with their children and several cousins emigrated to the United States in 1847, settling in Ottawa, Illinois.

Ellen CAREY was born in 1811. She died in 1857 in probly Illinois. Ellen married Maurice WOULFE in 1830.

Ellen and Maurice emigrated to the United States in 1848, settling in Illinois.

They had the following children.

  M i
James Carey WOULFE was born in 1831 in Co. Kerry.
  F ii Ellen WOULFE was born about 1833. She died on 20 Apr 1908.
  M iii
Maurice WOULFE was born about 1835 in Co. Kerry.
  M iv
John WOULFE was born in 1837 in Co. Kerry.
  F v
Mary WOULFE was born in 1842 in Co. Kerry.
  M vi
Thomas WOULFE was born about 1843 in Co. Kerry.
  F vii Margaret WOULFE was born in 1844. She died on 5 Jan 1888.
  F viii
Johanna WOULFE was born in 1847 in Co. Kerry.
  M ix
Richard Carey WOULFE was born in 1848 in U.S..
  F x
Catherine WOULFE was born in 1849 in U.S..
  F xi
Bridget WOULFE was born in 1854 in U.S..

Michael WOULFE [Parents] was born in 1813. He died in 1889. He was buried in Athea, Co. Limerick. Michael married Ann (Annie) 'UNKNOWN'.

Ann (Annie) 'UNKNOWN' died. Ann married Michael WOULFE.

Edmond Richard (Old Ned) WOULFE [Parents] was born in 1788 in Cratloe, Athea, Co. Limerick. He died on 13 May 1876 in Clash, Athea, Co. Limerick. He was buried in Templeathea, Athea, Co. Limerick. Edmond married Ellen (Nellie) BROSNAN on 15 Jun 1812.

According to Woulfe researcher Brendan Wolfe, Edmond built a family home at the Glen, Cratloe, in 1815. There he set up a "hedge school", so called because they operated, illegally, outdoors or in barns at a time when Catholic schools were forbidden in Ireland under the Penal Laws.

Ellen (Nellie) BROSNAN was born about 1794 in Islandanny, Duagh, Co. Kerry. She died in 1869 in Templeathea West, Co. Limerick, Ireland. She was buried in Templeathea Cemetery, Co. Limerick. Ellen married Edmond Richard (Old Ned) WOULFE on 15 Jun 1812.

I have also seen Nellie's surname spelled as Brosnahan.

They had the following children.

  M i
Edmond WOULFE died after 27 Feb 1900.
  F ii Ellen WOULFE died.
  F iii Maria WOULFE was born about 1822.
  F iv Johanna WOULFE died.
  M v Richard Edmond (Dickie Ned) WOULFE was born about 1825. He died in 1910.
  M vi
Maurice WOULFE was born in Athea, Co. Limerick. He died.
  F vii Bridget WOULFE was born in 1828. She died in 1911.
  M viii
James WOULFE was born in Athea, Co. Limerick. He died.
  M ix John E. WOULFE died.
  F x Julia WOULFE was born about 1837. She died on 3 Apr 1928.
  F xi Margaret (Peggy) WOULFE died in 1874.
  F xii 'unknown' WOULFE (female) died.

Michael Joseph BARRETT [Parents] was born about 1860 in Cork city. He died on 14 Jul 1945 in 9 Panorama Terrace, Sunday's Well, Cork. He was buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Cork. Michael married Maria JOHNSTON on 19 Jun 1883 in St. Finbarr's Church, Cork.

Michael was a carpenter (like his father) and builder. At the time of the 1901 census he and his family were living at 26 Fuller's Lane in Cork and by the time of the 1911 census they were at City View Terrace, also in Cork. At the time of his death Michael was living at 9 Panorama Terrace, Sunday's Well, Cork. According to his death certificate Michael died of carcinoma of the liver and [what looks like on the document] cachaemia (an old term for blood poisoning) and cardiac failure.

Michael was involved in a court case in October 1935 in which he contested the will of his nephew Rev. Richard Barrett who left his entire estate to his housekeeper, a Miss Leah Louise Neville of 32 Main St., Macroom, Co. Cork. Richard's estate was was worth £7,211 and after the deduction of debts his assets came to £5,959. The case was eventually settled with Miss Neville agreeing to pay Michael £1,100 plus costs and Michael agreeing to withdraw his challenge to the will.

Maria JOHNSTON [Parents] was born about 1862 in Co. Cork. She died before 14 Jul 1945 in possibly Dublin. She was buried in Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin. Maria married Michael Joseph BARRETT on 19 Jun 1883 in St. Finbarr's Church, Cork.

According to the 1901 census Maria was born in Co. Cork, whereas Michael, her husband, and all her children were born in Cork city. I am told that Maria's family were Protestant and may have had Cavan connections. However, if Maria had been born into a Church of Ireland family then she must have converted to Catholicism upon her marriage as her religion in both 1901 and 1911 census returns is given as Romas Catholic. The 1911 census tells us that Maria and Michael had been married for 25 years and had nine children born alive, all of whom were still alive at the time of the census.

It is believed that Maria and her husband, Michael, separated and that Maria moved to Dublin afterwards.

Marriage Notes:

Witnesses to the marriage were Timothy McCarthy and Nora McSweeney.

Michael and Maria's addresses at the time of their marriage were 89 Evergreen St., Cork and 62 South Main St., Cork respectively.

They had the following children.

  M i
Richard BARRETT was born about 1884 in Cork city. He died in possibly Canada.

Richard emigrated to Canada.
  M ii
James BARRETT was born about 1885 in Cork city. He died in possibly Canada.

The 1901 census tells us that 15-year-old James was a solicitor's general clerk.

James emigrated to Canada.
  F iii
Hannah (Siobhan) BARRETT was born about 1886 in Cork city. She died on 28 Jan 1971 in St. Patrick's Hospital, Cork.

Siobhan, a teacher at St. Maries of the Isle school in Cork, never married. She lived at 9 Panorama Terrace, Sunday's Well, Cork.

According to her death certificate Siobhan died of cardiac failure and cancer of the rectum with secondaries in the liver. She had spent four months and three weeks in hospital prior to her death.
  M iv Edward (Ted) Joseph BARRETT was born on 11 May 1889.
  F v
Mary (Mai) BARRETT was born about 1891 in Cork city.

Mai was a teacher at Sunday's Well Girls' School in Cork.
  M vi
Michael BARRETT was born about 1894 in Cork city. He died on 7 Apr 1918 in Northern France. He was buried in St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen.

Michael's parents, Michael and Maria, had a son named Michael on 27 October 1886 (born at 29 Friar St., Cork) but this does not tie in with the age of Michael in the 1901 and 1911 censuses (six and 16 respectively). It is possible that the Michael born in 1886 died as a child and that another son named Michael was born about 1894.

Michael was educated at North Monastery in Cork. He was a corporal with the Royal Engineers regiment, serving as a sapper, when he was killed in World War I.
  M vii Arthur Finbarr BARRETT was born on 8 Aug 1896. He died in 1980s.
  F viii Elizabeth (Gertrude) BARRETT was born on 25 Oct 1899. She died about 1971.
  M ix Christopher Leo (Leo) BARRETT was born on 24 Dec 1900.

Thomas Alfred MORAHAN [Parents] was born in 1912 in Co. Cavan. He died on 15 Apr 1950 in Glasgow. He was buried in St. Kentigern's Cemetery, Glasgow. Thomas married Anne (Annie) 'UNKNOWN'.

Anne (Annie) 'UNKNOWN' died. Anne married Thomas Alfred MORAHAN.


Living [Parents].


Living [Parents].

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